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Transport regulations - Annex 1

Appendix 1 to Rules of Service. Terms and Definitions

«Airline» or «Carrier» – – Pobeda Airlines Limited Liability Company.

«Baggage» – – customer’s property transported on the Carrier’s aircraft in accordance with the Customer’s Air Transportation Contract.

«Baggage Tag» – – a document issued by the Carrier for the identification of the Checked Baggage of the Customer. One part of the Baggage Tag is attached by the Carrier to each piece of Checked Baggage or Hand Baggage. The other part of the Baggage Tag is handed over to the Customer.

«Booking» – – a preliminary temporary assignment of a seat on aircraft to a specific Customer on a specific flight and on a specific date at the fare available at the time of such Booking.

«Identity Document» – – any of the following documents:

  • a passport of a national of the Russian Federation or a document replacing it, including
  • regular international passport of a Russian national,
  • military identity card (for military men performing military service by conscription, contract or alternative service),
  • birth certificate (for persons under 14)*;
  • national passport (for foreign nationals);
  • identity card for stateless persons;
  • residence permit.

«Checked Baggage» – customer’s Baggage accepted by the Carrier for air transportation in the baggage compartment of the aircraft and marked with a Baggage Tag.

«Customer» - a person who is transported or is to be transported on aircraft in accordance with the Customer and Baggage Air Transportation Contract.

«Call Center» - call center of the Airlines 8 (809) 505-67-77 (calls are chargeable).

«Itinerary Receipt » or «Ticket» - an extract from the automatic booking system of the Airline, confirming the fact of execution of the Air Transportation Contract and containing other elements in accordance with the requirements of Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 134 “On Establishing the Form of Electronic Passenger Ticket and Baggage Receipt in Civil Aviation” dated November 08, 2006.

«Place of Contract Performance» - the place of performance of the Air Transportation Contract that is determined by the location of the Airline according to the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as of the date of commencement of the first flight provided for in the Booking.

«Airline Website» - official website of the Airline at:

«Charge» - a fee charged by the Carrier for the provision of additional services.

«Excess Baggage» - part of the Baggage weight, which exceeds the Baggage allowance stipulated by the Regulations or the fare bundle application conditions.

«Special Fare» - the fare determined subject to the special conditions of its application to certain categories of Customers.

«Authorized Agent» - an individual or legal entity authorized to perform actions for and on behalf of the Airline or on its own behalf and for the Airline to attract Customers, arrange and sell Customer transportation and additional services on the Airline flights in the manner and on the terms of the agency contract (agreement) executed with it.

«FAR-82» - Federal Aviation Regulations No. 82 “General Rules for Transportation of Customers, Baggage, Cargo and Requirements for Servicing Customers, Consignors, Consignees dated June 28, 2007.

*In accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law "On Acts of Civil Status”, the lamination of a certificate entails the impossibility of its use. A Customer with a laminated certificate may be denied passport control and flight. A Customer shall be responsible for the compliance of the certificate with legal requirements.