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Payment methods

Payment methods

Bank cards and payment systems are used for tickets and services payment*:

card-icon-yandex.png  Yandex PAY
card-icon-sber.png  SberPay
card-icon-sbp.png  Faster Payments System
card-icon-visa.png  VISA
card-icon-masterCard.png  MasterCard
card-icon-mir.png  MIR
card-icon-jcb.png  JCB

You may be required to go through the 3D-Secure procedure if it is supported by the issuing bank.

*Issued in Russia (MIR — in Russia and Belarus)

You can book tickets:

You can add services:

When ordering services at the airport, agency fees may be additionally charged.
**An additional service fee of 600 ₽ is charged.