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Hand luggage rules based on Federal Aviation Regulations

Hand luggage rules based on Federal Aviation Regulations

The following items are allowed in the aircraft cabin:

1. One piece of hand luggage with dimensions up to 4 (four) x 36 (thirty six) x 30 (thirty) centimeters and weighing no more than 5 kilograms (free hand luggage allowance)

2. In excess of the hand luggage allowance and without additional payment:

  • A backpack with dimensions not exceeding 23 (twenty-three) x 36 (thirty-six) x 30 (thirty) centimeters, or a lady's bag*, or a briefcase* with items placed in a backpack, or a lady's bag, or briefcase, or items placed in the calibrator
  • Outerwear
  • One suit in a garment bag*
  • Bouquet of flowers*
  • Food for the child
  • Medicines (including dietary needs) which are needed during the flight
  • When transporting a child: devices for carrying a child ** are placed on the luggage rack (if the child is traveling without a separate seat) or on a chair (if an extra seat is purchased for the child)
  • Used crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchair
  • Products from DUTY FREE stores packed in a sealed plastic bag with dimensions not exceeding 10 (ten) x 10 (ten) x 5 (five) centimeters.

* They are not allowed to be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, if they are not small-sized and do not allow them to be placed in the places of carriage of hand luggage without prejudice to the exercise of the rights of other customers or security requirements.

** A baby cradle, restraint systems (devices) for children under two years of age, a baby stroller and other devices are allowed for carriage in the cabin of an aircraft if their dimensions allow them to be safely placed in the places of hand luggage.

Food and goods purchased at the airport are carried along with the rest of your hand luggage!