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Unaccompanied child

Our Special Unaccompanied Minor Service

  • It is to order by phone or at the check-in desk at the airport
  • In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, unaccompanied minors from 5 to 12 years of age are to make use of the Unaccompanied Minor Service when traveling by air
  • It is possible to order the service at the request of a statutory representative of a child from 12 to 16 years of age
  • Available only on direct flights

Our service includes:

  • Priority boarding before other customers
  • Assistance with the carry-on baggage
  • Informing the parents or statutory representatives of the actual time of departure
  • Meeting the child onboard and escorting them to the authorized adult picking them up when they land
  • Post-flight procedures assistance at the airport, including luggage pick-up and its handling to the meet-and-greet person
  • Special attention to the customer throughout the flight: the assigned flight attendants will help your child with whatever they need

The Unaccompanied Minor Service fee is ₽ 4500 each way

Parents or statutory representatives need to:

  • submit an Unaccompanied Minor Service request (by phone or at the check-in desk at the airport)
  • fill in and sign an application for the carriage of an unaccompanied child (at the check-in desk, the meet-and-greet person's passport data are required)

In addition, the following documents are required as well:

  • Identity document of the applicant (for example, the passport of one of the parents)
  • Document certifying the relationship between the child and the applicant (birth certificate, adoption certificate, document confirming the establishment of guardianship or trusteeship)
  • The child's passport and visa (for international flight)
  • Notarized consent of one of the parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees to leave the country for a minor citizen, indicating the time of departure and the state(s) to which the child is leaving (for international flight)
  • If the escort is not the legal representative of the child, then a notarized power of attorney from the parent is required to represent the interests of the minor

The person noted in the application, who meets the child at the airport of arrival, shall be at the airport at the time of the flight arrival and bear a valid ID. The document shall contain a photograph.

The person escorting the child to the airport shall remain at the site until the departure of the flight