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Seat selection in the aircraft cabin Boeing 737-800

How to book?

  • When booking tickets on the website pobeda.aero or in mobile application no later than 24 hours before departure
  • Add to existing booking:
    - via Booking management no later than 24 hours before departure
    - in the process Online check-in no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 4 hours before departure
    - via Call Center no later than 4 hours before departure
    - at the check-in desk in at the airport until the end of check-in for the flight

Book online - it's faster and cheaper. Choose a standard seat or chairs with increased legroom - XL and XXL seats*.


  • You can register online
  • Any seat you like is available
  • Guaranteed to fly with friends and family

Without the service

  • The system will randomly assign a seat
  • A randomly assigned seat will most likely be in the middle of the row
  • If you are flying together, the system can assign seats in different parts of the plane

Standard seats


Seats with a standard legroom




Seats with an increased legroom




the most comfortable seats in the cabin with a maximum legroom


Important: The XXL seats located next to the emergency exits cannot be occupied by pregnant women, clients under the age of 18, clients with children, clients with pets, and clients with disabilities. «Full XXL-seat service rules»

Choose a seat and make yourself comfortable - enjoy the flight!


*Please note that some aircraft have a separation wall and, when 1A-1C XXL seats are selected, there may be less legroom than on 2D-2F seats or on seats at the emergency exit.

Boeing 737-800 cabin layout