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Returning and changing tickets

Returning ticket

Pobeda airline’s tickets are non-refundable, so you can decide not to fly, but the money will not be refunded unless otherwise specified by the rules of your fare.

However, there are a number of cases when the return is considered necessary, and after confirming the reasons for the return, we will refund your money. A return is considered necessary in the event of:

  • canceling or delaying the flight specified in the ticket,
  • changing the transportation route by the airline,
  • flying not as scheduled,
  • failing to accommodate the passenger on the plane because of the impossibility to provide him or her with a seat for the flight and the date specified in the ticket,
  • an unperformed transportation of the passenger caused by the passenger’s delay at the airport due to the length of his inspection, if during the baggage inspection or personal inspection of the passenger no substances or objects prohibited for transportation were found,
  • an incorrect registration of the ticket by the carrier or its authorized agent,
  • a sudden illness of the passenger, or illness or death of a member of his or her family that was to fly together with him or her on the aircraft, which is confirmed by medical documents. Refunds may be considered necessary if the illness was sudden and lasted on the day of departure, and if the carrier was notified of this before the end of the check-in time for passengers for the flight indicated in the ticket. These circumstances must be confirmed by a certificate of incapacity for work or another authentic medical document issued by an appropriately licensed medical institution.

Customers have the right to a forced refund on the ticket, provided that the carrier is notified of this before the end of the check-in time specified in the ticket.

More about necessary returns.

Changing tickets

Voluntary modification of the air carriage contract is not allowed except for the following changes:

  1. Changing the client's full name is possible through the Call Center or the airport ticket office before the end of check-in. An additional fee is charged for making changes to the customer's air carriage agreement related to changing the full name in the manner and amount provided for by the terms of the applicable tariff.

  2. The flight date, time and/or route can be changed for an additional fee no later than 48 (forty-eight) hours before the scheduled flight departure time via the airline's call center. If the size of the new fare exceeds the size of the fare for which the ticket was originally purchased, the difference is paid by the customer in full.

  3. An additional service can be ordered by the client:

    - via Booking management
    - in the process Online registration
    - via Call center
    - at the reception

  4. The amount of the fee for changing the departure date and/or route is 5000 rubles per customer per segment.

  5. The amount of the fee for changing the name of one customer in the booking is 500 rubles in case of changes of up to 3 characters and 5000 rubles in case of changes of more than 3 characters.

  6. Adjustments of the customer's personal data that create prerequisites for a complete replacement of the client for the originally purchased ticket are not allowed.