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The procedure for working with the media

The procedure for information requests made to the press office of the airline.

Send your requests to the press secretary of Pobeda Airlines, Selivanova Elena Vladimirovna — elena.selivanova@pobeda.aero and press@pobeda.aero.

Specify in your request:

  • The main theme;
  • A list of questions;
  • When, where and in what context the provided information will be used;
  • Contact details of your editorial office and the correspondent.

You will receive a response within 3-5 working days.

The application procedure to organize a photo or video shooting

Press surveys about the activities of Pobeda Airlines are conducted on a non-commercial (free) basis.

Send a request on the official letterhead of your company addressed to the General Director of Pobeda Airlines, Kalmykov Andrey Yurevich fax +7 (499) 427 1102 (check the receipt of the fax at +7 (966) 323 1080).

Please also include a copy of the request to the Press Secretary: elena.selivanova@pobeda.aero.

Specify in the request:

  • The purpose behind the shoot;
  • The stage plan;
  • The desired date and time of shooting (indicate the essential time for shooting);
  • All group members, with passport data (name, passport series and number, when and by whom issued, the date and place of birth, address and registration). Important: passport data should be specified directly on the official letterhead of the company;
  • Information about any hardware that will be used in the shooting process;
  • Contact information.