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Annex 2. Rules for the carriage of baggage and cabin baggage


    The flights of Pobeda Airlines LLC do not provide for free baggage allowance.

    • For tickets that do not provide for free baggage allowance (non-refundable tickets), checked baggage is carried on the condition that it is paid at the established rates.

    The cost and rules of payment for Baggage and Excess baggage are published on the official website www.pobeda.aero in the Tariffs and Charges section. The fee for baggage and excess baggage is charged for each piece of baggage accepted for transportation.

    Mobile phones and personal electronic devices (PED) can be transported both in Checked baggage and Cabin baggage. When transported in Checked baggage, these devices must be turned off; when carried in Cabin baggage, mobile phones and PED's must be switched to airplane mode (in the absence of such mode, the device must be turned off) immediately after the aircraft hatch is closed before departure.

    Device for carrying a child (baby cradle, restraints for children up to two years old, baby stroller and their equivalents) when transporting a child, as well as crutches, walking sticks, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchair used by the passenger are transported in the passenger compartment if dimensions allow you to do this safely, or in the baggage hold as checked baggage without charge.

  2. Items not accepted or prohibited for carriage as Cabin baggage

    In order to ensure aviation safety on flights, the Carrier prohibits that the following items to be transported in the cabin:

    • corkscrew,

    • hypodermic needles (unless medical justification is provided),

    • knitting needles,

    • scissors,

    • folding (without lock) travel knives, pen knives.

    If the Passenger requires injections during the flight, it is allowed to take syringes into the cabin of the aircraft, but only upon presentation of the relevant medical certificate.

    Pobeda Airlines LLC does not recommend Passengers to carry money, jewelry, precious metals, housing keys, video cameras, computers, medicines, eye glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, negotiable securities, securities, other valuables, commercial documents, passports or other identification documents or valuable samples in checked baggage.

    The list of items prohibited for carriage as baggage is listed in Annex 3.

  3. Transfer Baggage Transportation to the Final Destination Point

    When traveling from all departure points in the territory of the Russian Federation to destinations in the near and/or far-abroad countries and back in transit via airports in the territory of the Russian Federation, you can check in and register your baggage for Pobeda Airlines LLC flights directly to the final destination point, provided that there are no goods in your baggage subject to written declaration according to the Agreement "On the Procedure for Movement of Goods for Personal Use by Individuals through the Customs Border of the Customs Union and Performance of Customs Operations Related to Release Thereof" dated July 18, 2010 and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 637 dated July 10, 2014 "On the Simplified Procedure for Performing Customs Operations in respect of Goods Accepted by the Air Carrier for Transportation in Accompanied Baggage".

    You can register your baggage directly to the final destination point if you are flying:

    - domestic flights;
    - from Russia abroad, except connecting flights via Saint Petersburg;
    - from foreign airports by a connecting flight via Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

    You can find a list of goods subject to mandatory written declaration as approved by Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 107 dated December 20, 2017 "On Certain Issues Related to Goods for Personal Use" by clicking this link.

  4. Transportation of pets

    Pobeda Airlines LLC allows transportation of dogs (including guide and service dogs), cats, ferrets, dwarf rabbits and birds in an aircraft cabin.

    Items that can damage the aircraft, persons on board and their belongings, as well as animals and birds (excluding pet animals and birds, guide and service dogs), insects, fish stocking material, reptiles, rodents, test and sick animals are prohibited for transportation both as Checked and Cabin Baggage. Items and substances whose air transportation as Baggage is prohibited under the laws of the Russian Federation, international agreements signed by the Russian Federation, as well as the laws of the destination, departure or transit countries, are also prohibited for transportation.

    Attention: animals and birds (excluding guide and service dogs) regardless of their weight (the total weight of the container/cage and animal/bird food) are not counted as free Baggage allowance and are paid for in accordance with fares published on the website www.pobeda.aero.

    Transportation of animals without a cage/container, excluding guide and service dogs is PROHIBITED.

    For flights to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Dubai, Memmingen, and Baden-Baden, transportation of animals is not provided, except for guide and service dogs.

    Rules for the transport of animals/birds and service dogs on flights of Pobeda Airlines LLC:
Animal designation Carriage conditions
Pets: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets Transportation is conducted only in the aircraft cabin with a prior notice to Pobeda Airlines LLC during ticket booking. Animals/birds must be attended by adult customers (over 18). Not more than 10 places in the aircraft cabin (containers, cages, carriers) are intended for animals/birds per flight. A container’s/cage’s dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed 46х28х22 cm. Several animals/birds of the same species can be put in one container, but please note that animals must be able to lie in a comfortable position, stand fully upright and turn 360 degrees. The sum of three dimensions of a soft pet container (a closed-type carrier) must not exceed 96 cm. Customers with pets are prohibited from being placed in the emergency exit and emergency equipment zones. During take-off and landing as well as when passing through areas of turbulence, the container (carrier or cage) must be secured under the front seat. It is PROHIBITED to open the container, take out or release the animal from the container while on board (in the cabin, entrance area, toilet), as well as feed the animal during the flight. Animals without a cage/container are not allowed for transportation.
Service dogs Transportation of a service dog in the aircraft cabin is allowed only with the carrier’s consent and upon presentation of a document confirming that the customer attending the service dog works for an executive agency. A document confirming the service dog’s special training and a pet passport with a rabies vaccine note is also required. A service dog transported in the aircraft cabin must have a muzzle and a collar, be fastened to the seat and sit next to the attending customer’s feet. A service dog is transported for free (is not included into free Baggage allowance) with no weight restrictions. Customers can get the carrier’s consent for a service dog’s transportation by filling in a feedback form or through the Call Center.
Guide dogs accompanying a blind customer A guide dog is transported in the aircraft cabin for free (is not included into free Baggage allowance) with no weight restrictions, with the carrier’s consent, upon presentation of a document confirming the blind customer’s disability, a document confirming the guide dog’s special training and a pet passport with a rabies vaccine note. A guide dog must have a muzzle and a collar, be fastened to the seat and sit next to the attending customer’s feet. Disabled customers of any age can be accompanied by a guide dog. Customers accompanied by a guide dog are offered last-row seats (excluding seats in the emergency exits). Customers can get the carrier’s consent for a guide dog’s transportation by filling in a feedback form or through the Call Center.

For transportation of pets/birds, guide and service dogs, customers must have a pet passport with a vaccination note and other documents required under the laws of the Russian Federation, international agreements signed by the Russian Federation, as well as the laws of the destination, departure or transit countries. To transport a pet/bird or a dog, a special container/cage of a specific size must be used. The container must be comfortable, have openings for air and a secure lock to prevent the container from opening during the flight. The bottom of the container/cage must be solid, waterproof, and covered with absorbent bedding. Absorbent bedding must not pour from the container/cage. A bird cage must be covered with thick lightproof fabric. A soft pet carrier can be used for transportation in the aircraft cabin. Pets should be given food and water and examined not less than 2 hours before the flight.

During the flight, animals must not be released from the container/cage or fed.

Pets/birds and dogs can be transported only if customers bear full responsibility for them. Customers must comply with all the Carrier’s rules and compensate the carrier for losses and additional expenses that might arise from the transportation of the animal/bird (due to noncompliance with the carrier’s rules, damage to the carrier’s property and its employees, as well as harm to other customers’ health and property).

The carrier is not responsible for any physical injury, sickness or death of transported animals/birds, loss, delay in delivery during transportation through transit countries or territories, as well as refusal to transport to or through other countries or territories.

Several countries have special rules for animal transportation. You can find more details about transportation rules of the destination country on the website of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in advance.

  1. Transporting the sports equipment

    Sports equipment can be carried in the cargo hold of an aircraft after paying an additional fee for transporting such a Baggage through the website www.pobeda.aero, through Booking Center of Pobeda Airlines LLC, as well as at the airports ticket offices. The passenger is obliged to inform the Carrier or its authorized agent about the transportation of sports equipment when making a booking of carriage or purchasing a passenger ticket.

    One passenger may carry:
Baggage designation One seat of baggage Carriage conditions
Golfing Golfing equipment packed in one container (pouch One set per person
Ski equipment* One set of skis or snowboard with additional equipment (boots, helmet, goggles), packed in one general or two separate bags No more than 2 (two) sets per person
Bicycle Bicycle in a case or in package Weight with packing not more than 20 kg., Quantity on a flight - not more than 5 (five) pieces, early reservation is required when buying a ticket
Fishing equipment Fishing equipment packed in one container (case) 2 fishing rods, 1 set of fishing gear per person
Musical instrument Instrument in a case or in package Weighing up to 20 kg, not more than 1 (one) per person, not more than 10 (ten) per flight, prior reservation is required through the call center

*Within the included baggage allowance for "Advantageous" and "Maximum", it is possible to replace one piece of baggage with:

- skis/snowboards (1 set) together with additional equipment (boots, helmet, glasses), packed in one common or two separate bags.

Total weight of ski equipment:

- for the " Advantageous" up to 10 kg, size no more than 203 cm by the sum of three dimensions
- for the "Maximum" up to 20 kg, size no more than 203 cm by the sum of three dimensions

The total number of pieces of baggage within the package, including ski equipment, is no more than 2.

All types of helmets that do not fit in the hand luggage dimensions of 36x30x27 cm (the total size of all items) are transported in checked baggage.

  1. Receipt and delivery of Checked baggage

    The passenger is obliged to pick up their Checked baggage as soon as it is possible to receive it at the destination. Checked baggage is stored at no additional charge at the airport, to which it must be delivered under the air transportation contract, for two days, including the day of arrival of the aircraft, on which the Checked baggage is delivered.

    Subsequent storage of Checked Baggage is provided by the Carrier or service organization. Expenses for the storage of Registered Baggage that has not been received by the passenger within the period established by this paragraph shall be reimbursed in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

    If the Checked Baggage, with a properly issued numbered baggage tag, arrives at the airport (destination) and is not received / not claimed by the Passenger, Pobeda Airlines LLC will search for the owner of the Registered Baggage.

    If the owner of Checked Baggage is found, a written notice is sent to him/her informing to receive the Baggage and the procedure for receiving or delivering the Baggage.

    Checked baggage is stored for six months from the date of notification to the owner of Checked Baggage of the need to receive the Baggage. If the owner of the Registered Baggage is not found - from the date of arrival of the aircraft at the airport.

    In case of non-receipt by the Passenger of Registered Baggage after the expiration of the specified period, the Baggage may be sold or destroyed in the manner established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    Registered baggage can only be picked by a person who has the appropriate baggage identification tag. If the recipient of the Checked baggage cannot present and / or identify the Baggage using the baggage identification tag, Pobeda Airlines LLC will transfer the Baggage only after satisfactory evidence of the rights to this Baggage has been provided.

    In case of loss, shortage or damage (deterioration) of the Baggage, the Passenger is required to contact the staff of the Baggage Tracing Service before leaving the arrival area and shall fill out a special form.

    Search for lost Baggage is initiated within 21 days of receipt of an application from the Passenger. If after 21 days the baggage is not found, the Passenger may make a written claim to the Carrier. The decision on monetary compensation and its amount is made on the basis of the provisions contained in the Air Code of the Russian Federation, the Warsaw Convention, and the regulatory documents of Pobeda Airlines LLC.

    Pobeda Airlines limits their liability for the loss, shortage or damage (spoilage) of Checked Baggage, Cabin baggage in the cabin of the aircraft as follows:

    • for loss, shortage or damage (spoilage) of cabin baggage and baggage in the aircraft cabin - in the amount of their value, and in case of impossibility of its valuation - in the amount of not more than eleven thousand rubles.