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Car rent

Conditions of carriage

General Terms and Conditions

Article 1.

  1. These rules of carriage (hereinafter referred to as Rules) have been approved under paragraph 4 of Federal Aviation Regulations "General Rules of Air Transportation of Passengers, Baggage, Cargo and Requirements for Servicing of Passengers, Shippers and Consignees" approved by Order No. 82 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of 28/06/2007 (hereinafter referred to as FAP-82)

  2. As a general rule, the tariffs, rules and Fees applicable at the time of air transportation are applied to the air carriage contract, and in case of presenting for transportation the Baggage to be paid - those that are valid for the day of presentation of such Baggage for transportation.

  3. The application of tariffs for transportation of Passengers and Baggage, as well as collection of Fees, is made in accordance with the conditions of application of tariffs and Fees approved by Pobeda Airlines LLC.

  4. FAP-82 is applied to the terms of the air transportation agreement not regulated by the Rules.

  5. Any term written in the Rules with a capital letter (unless it is meaningless to interpret the term in this way) means a reference to the interpretation of the corresponding term contained in Appendix 1.

Booking the air carriage of passengers and baggage

Article 2.

  1. For questions related to booking, the Passenger can contact the call center of Pobeda Airlines LLC by calling +7 (809) 505-47-77 (calls are chargeable) or at the ticket offices of authorized agents of Pobeda Airlines LLC, or create the Booking independently on the official website of the airline company

  2. The data of the identity presented by the Passenger when registering for the flight must coincide with the data of the specified by the Passenger at the time of Booking. If the Passenger specifies incorrect data (or if the Passenger intends to show another Identity when registering for a flight), the Passenger must contact the call center of Pobeda Airlines LLC by phone +7 (809) 505-47-77 at least 4 hours prior to the flight departure time (call are chargeable) or independently make the necessary changes using the service "booking management" on the website, or change the data before the end of registration at the ticket offices of the authorized agents of Pobeda Airlines LLC. Data change services are charged according to the established tariffs and Fees, except for cases when the change in the data of such occurred in accordance with the procedure established by law. Otherwise, the Passenger will not be allowed to be transported.

  3. Disabled passengers and other persons with disabilities the carriage of whom requires special conditions are recommended to inform the Pobeda Airlines LLC on the special conditions of carriage well in advance.

Payment for the air carriage of passengers and baggage

Article 3.

    The right of claim under the contract of carriage, including the requirements for the return of funds, without any reservations belongs to the Passenger, and does not depend on the identity of the person who paid the Booking.

Execution of contract of air carriage of passengers. Ticket

Article 4.

Concluding of the contract of air carriage by the Passenger shall be proved by the Itinerary Receipt. Based on the request of the Passenger, Pobeda Airlines LLC may amend the terms of the air carriage agreement, unless otherwise stipulated by the rules for the application of tariffs and Fees of Pobeda Airlines LLC. Changes can be made before starting check-in for a flight. Charges (payment) for introducing amendments shall be collected according to the procedure provided by the rules of application of tariffs and Fees.

Tariffs, taxes, duties and charges

Article 5.

All tariffs and Fees are duly registered and are available to the public on the website

Providing pre-ordered seats

Article 6.

  1. Changes to the Booking, including the payment of the Baggage (if applicable), seats in the cabin and other additional services, may be done no later than 4 hours before the flight departure time and are performed through the call center of Pobeda Airlines LLC by phone +7 ( 809) 505-47-77 (calls are chargeable) or in the section "booking management" on the website, or at the offices of authorized agents of Pobeda Airlines LLC at the airport before the end of check-in for the flight.

  2. When Booking, the system will automatically assign the Passenger a specific seat in the cabin of the aircraft. A change of seat on board the aircraft is possible at an additional cost till the end of the check-in. Unauthorized change of seats on board the aircraft is not allowed. Passengers during the flight must be at the assigned seats indicated in the boarding passes.

  3. In the interests of flight safety, Pobeda Airline's crew members have the right to change or redistribute seats in the cabin of the aircraft at any time, if in their reasonable opinion the placement of the Passenger at the appropriate seat does not provide an acceptable level of flight safety.

  4. It is PROHIBITED to place the following categories of passengers in the emergency exit row and where rescue equipment is located:

    • passengers whose physical or mental condition does not allow them to move quickly (if necessary), pregnant women;

    • passengers whose vision and/or hearing can become an obstacle to the execution of the crew orders to evacuate;

    • children under 18 years of age regardless of availability of persons accompanying them;

    • passengers who do not speak English or the language of the crew;

    • passengers carrying pets in the cabin of the aircraft;

    • passengers who are carried as detained and/or deported passengers;

    • unaccompanied children irrespective of age;

    • passengers whose dimensions do not allow them to move quickly.

  5. Meals and hot drinks are not available on board the aircraft of Pobeda Airlines LLC. Passengers are strictly forbidden to drink their own alcoholic beverages on board. For safety reasons it is forbidden to carry hot drinks on board.

Check-in of passengers and baggage

Article 7.

  1. Check-in at the airport begins at least 2 hours and ends strictly 40 minutes before the flight departure time. Airports of different countries may set special requirements for close-out time. In this case, we will inform you about such requirements before the completion of the booking and also indicate close-out time in the itinerary. Boarding for the flight ends strictly 25 minutes before the time of departure of the flight specified in the Itinerary Receipt.

  2. From 29.10.2018 the online check-in service for passengers departing from airports of foreign countries (located outside Russia) is provided free of charge. After completing the online check-in you need to either (a) print out the electronic boarding pass sent to your email and keep it with you until the end of the flight, or (b) save the electronic image of the boarding pass on your mobile device and use it to go through the pre-flight formalities at the airport. After completing the online check-in when departing from Antalya airport you must print out the electronic boarding pass sent to your email to go through the pre-flight formalities at the airport. For check-in service for passengers at check-in counters at airports of foreign countries, a fee is charged in accordance with the rules for the application of tariffs and fees.

    The charge (fee) for the check-in service at check-in counters at airports in foreign countries is not applicable when transporting unaccompanied children, as well as children under 2 years old; for additional space (when purchasing the "extra seat" service).

  3. Responsibility for the availability of all necessary entry, exit, medical and other documents in accordance with the requirements of the countries of transport shall be borne by the Passenger.

    If you are not a citizen of Russia and at the same time: (a) fly to Russia by an international flight and (b) use the online registration service, then you need to go to the check-in desk at the airport of departure not later than 40 minutes (when departing from Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Istanbul and London not later than 60 minutes) before departure visa compliance.

  4. Responsibility for the timely passage of departure procedures rests with the Passenger.

    We will refuse air transportation to you in the event of your late arrival to check-in point of passengers and baggage for the relevant flight.

  5. When boarding an aircraft, you must show to the crew members a printed boarding pass or a saved electronic image of the boarding pass on your mobile device. In this case, the client is responsible for the performance of mobile devices until the end of transportation.

Termination of contract of air carriage of passengers

Article 8.

  1. The Passenger can refuse to be air transported in the manner and cases stipulated by paragraphs 226-230.1 of FAP-82.

  2. In the case of forced refusal of carriage because of sudden illness of the Passenger or the illness of his/her family member accompanying him/her on board the aircraft, the fact of the illness shall be confirmed by a notarized copy of sick leave certificate (approved by Order of the Ministry of Healthcare and social development of Russia of 26.04.2011 no. 347н), containing information (marks) or other references to the existence of medical counterindication to flight on board of aircraft with such type of illness. The aforementioned must be sent by registered postal delivery to the Airline's postal address: 108811, Moscow, pos. Moskovskiy, Kievskoe Highway, 22 km., housing 4.

  3. The refund of money paid for transportation is carried out in accordance with paragraphs 231-240 of FAP-82, and in the part not regulated by these points, in accordance with the rules for the application of tariffs of Pobeda Airlines LLC.

  4. If the voluntary amendment of the contract of carriage declared by the Passenger is not allowed by the rules for the application of the tariff, the air transportation contract shall be terminated in accordance with the procedure provided for the voluntary refusal of the Passenger from the carriage (paragraph 229 of FAP-82).

  5. Refunds shall be effected in the same way that they have been paid.

  6. For a refund, the notification of refund must be drawn up Notification of Refund. Notification of refund are accepted within 90 days from the date of departure specified in the Itinerary Receipt.

Baggage transportation


  1. The maximum overall dimensions of the cabin baggage and items listed in clause 135 of FAR-82 shall not exceed 36 x 30 x 27 centimetres (the total dimensions of all items), in order to be safely accommodated within the passenger cabin. The Cabin baggage and items listed in clause 135 of FAR-82 shall not be restricted in number and weight but shall be freely placed in a calibrator (gage) of the Cabin baggage with an airline logo, installed at the airport.

    The measurements shall be made before entering the passenger security check area. The Cabin baggage allowance shall not be cumulative for the passengers travelling together and shall not apply to children under 2 years travelling without providing a separate seat.

  2. Where the dimensions of the Cabin baggage do not meet the requirements for its safe accommodation (see clause 9.1. of these Regulations), it shall be carried as the Hold baggage subject to payment of the fee provided for by the conditions of the application of tariffs.

  3. The rules and conditions for the carriage, delivery and claim of the Hold baggage are defined in Annex 2 to these Regulations.

  4. Rules for the carriage of liquids and other types of dangerous Baggage are defined in Annex 3.

  5. In-flight service

    Article 10.

    The carrier provides on board an aircraft passengers awareness on the conditions of the flight and general rules of conduct, as well as on the locations of the main and emergency exits, conditions for leaving the aircraft in emergency situations, locations of personal protective equipment and inflatable ramps in the passenger cabin. Also passengers are provided with refreshments and (if required) medical first aid.

    Provision of additional services

    Article 11.

    1. Pobeda Airlines LLC operates exclusively as an agent if, in consultation with a third party, in addition to air transportation, organizes additional services for the Passenger, issues a transportation / voucher for a third party transportation or for services other than air transportation (for example, for Booking a hotel or renting a car).

    2. Other terms may be applied if the Pobeda Airline LLC provides the Passenger with services of transportation by land vehicles. Information about such conditions is available upon request.


    Article 12.

    Pobeda Airlines LLC shall not consider claims made by phone or e-mail. Any claim must be executed in writing and sent to the address. Russia, 108811, Moscow, p. Moskovskiy, Kievskoe Highway, 22 km., housing 4.

    In case the person with the identification Baggage Tag does not present any claims upon receipt of the Registered Baggage, this is sufficient proof that the baggage has been delivered in due condition and according to the contract of air carriage, unless the Passenger proves otherwise.

    If the claim for breach of contract of carriage at the airport is not possible, then the Passenger has the right to send a claim to Pobeda Airlines LLC at the address: Russia, 108811, Moscow, p. Moskovskiy, Kievskoe Highway, 22 km., housing 4.

    Transportation security requirements

    Article 13.

      In accordance with the transportation security requirements, Passengers are forbidden to:

    • Walk (ride) to the transportation security zones outside the checkpoints or without complying with the conditions of admission;

    • Carry out transportation on falsified (forged) and / or invalid travel, transportation and / or identity documents;

    • Carry (by foot or by car) items and / or substances that are prohibited or restricted for movement into the transport security zone and the free access area of the airport or aircraft, as well as items and substances that are prohibited or restricted for movement;

    • Perform acts of unlawful interference with respect to the airport and aircraft, as well as other actions that lead to damage to the airport and aircraft equipment and the aircraft, or use them not for functional purposes, resulting in loss of life, material damage or the possibility of such consequences.

    Transportation of special categories of passengers

    Article 14.

    1. Transportation of pregnant women

      Pregnant women are not allowed to fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and after the 32-week in the case of multiple pregnancies (twins). Women after the 28th week of pregnancy are allowed on flights ONLY when providing a medical certificate authorizing air travel, as well as a completed guarantee obligation in the check-in process.

      Transportation of pregnant women is subject to the provision of medical certificates. The medical certificate should indicate the duration of pregnancy, the number of fetuses and the expected date of delivery. The medical certificate must be issued by a competent medical institution where a pregnant woman is observed not earlier than 7 days before the start of transportation.

      At the same time, Pobeda Airlines LLC is not liable to the pregnant woman for possible negative consequences for her and / or fetus, deterioration of well-being during and after transportation, including premature birth.

    2. Transportation of persons not admitted to entry at the destination or transit point

      The airline is not responsible for the refusal of the passenger to enter the country. The passenger is obliged, at the request of the airline company or state authorities, to return to the point of departure or another destination that assumes unimpeded entry, in connection with the refusal of the country to accept this passenger, irrespective of whether this country is the destination or transit point.

      Sending a passenger who is denied entry into the country, is organized and carried out by the carrier who delivered the passenger and at its expense. Pobeda Airlines LLC has the right to demand from the passenger payment for the transportation and his maintenance.

      Deported (expelled), persons and detainees/escorted by police shall be accepted for carriage only on the flights without intermediate landings.

    3. Transportation of passengers with disabilities and other individuals with physical dysfunctions

      In accordance with Article 106.1 of the AC RF, disability and availability of life limitations can not be grounds for requiring documents confirming the state of health of such passengers due to their disability or life limitations. All services are provided to a disabled person only on the basis of his request, and cannot be imposed.

      At the airport, an airport operator who has a certificate for the implementation of airport activities for the provision of passenger services provides a disabled passenger and other persons with disabilities following services without additional fees:

      • escort and assistance when moving through the airport territory (including places of boarding an aircraft and deplanement), check-in for the flight and baggage clearance for air transportation, preflight and postflight screening, border and customs control at the airport, boarding the aircraft and deplanement, collection of luggage upon the arrival of the aircraft;

      • provision of special means for the movement (including wheelchairs), allowing the movement of passengers from among disabled persons and other persons with disabilities on the territory of the airport;

      • duplication of the sound and visual information provided at the airport and necessary for raising awareness of passengers from among disabled persons and other persons with disabilities;

    4. Provision of boarding the aircraft and deplanement, including the use of a special lifting device (ambulift) for a passenger from among disabled persons and other persons with disabilities, who are not capable to move independently;

    5. Provision of a wheelchair for temporary use to a disabled passenger and other persons with disabilities, who are incapable of moving independently in the event of a delay in the delivery to the airport of destination or the airport of an interim landing of a special means of transportation belonging to the disabled passenger and other persons with disabilities, or loss or damage of this means during air transportation.