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Hand baggage on Pobeda flights

How many things can I take with me to the cabin of the plane?

For safe placement in the aircraft cabin, the maximum total dimensions of Hand Baggage must not exceed 36x30x27 centimeters (the total size of all items). Hand Baggage is not limited by the number and weight of items, but all items must fit easily in the Hand Baggage calibrator (gauge) with the airline logo installed at the airport.* The measurement shall be made before entering the pre-flight inspection zone. The Hand Baggage allowance is not cumulative and does not apply to children under 2 years of age who travel without a separate seat. 

In addition to the items that fit in the baggage calibrator, you can take one of the following items at no extra charge:

  • a laptop or tablet, without a case, of ANY size.
  • stick umbrella (but not a beach umbrella).

* You can also follow alternative rules for hand baggage allowance, established on the basis of federal aviation regulations.

IMPORTANT! The food and goods purchased at the airport must fit easily in the calibrator along with the rest of the hand baggage. The dimensions of hand baggage are checked:

  • during check-in
  • at the boarding gate
  • when entering the aircraft.

This means that the food and goods purchased at the airport must fit easily in the calibrator along with the rest of the hand baggage.

How much does the excess weight cost?

If your hand baggage exceeds the permissible dimensions and does not fit in the calibrator, you have to hand over your oversized hand baggage for placing in baggage area and pay 3,000-4,000 rubles for the service, depending on the flight. The controlling agents of the airport follow clear instructions. Please, be understanding about that.

Is the child entitled to carry hand baggage?

Children over 2 years of age travel by Pobeda according to standard rules and can carry hand baggage that corresponds to the established dimensions of 36x30x27 cm. You have to hand over the baby stroller at the check-in counter or at the plane ramp. If you brought the child in a stroller, and do not carry it packed separately, you will not be charged.

Is it possible to carry liquids in hand baggage?

On Pobeda flights, you can carry the following liquids in your hand baggage:

  • water and drinks, soups, syrups, jam, honey
  • perfume products
  • creams, lotions, oils
  • gels (for hair, shower, etc.)
  • thick pastes (for example, toothpaste)
  • aerosols
  • pressurized containers (for example, shaving foam)
  • deodorants
  • mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows.

The maximum volume of a PACKAGE for liquids is 100ml. If the PACKAGE capacity is more than 100ml, you will not be allowed to take it to the cabin, even if it is not completely filled.

All packages with liquids must be packed in a transparent plastic bag with a size of 18×20 cm. The total volume of liquids must not exceed 1 liter.

Each customer can have only one package of liquids described above in their hand baggage.

What cannot be carried in hand baggage?

  • corkscrews
  • hypodermic needles (unless a medical justification is provided)
  • knitting needles
  • scissors
  • folding (without lock) travel, pocket knives
  • mercury thermometers

If you need injections during the flight, you are allowed to take syringes with you into the cabin of the aircraft, but only if you provide a medical certificate.

The rules for the carriage of liquids and other types of dangerous Baggage are defined in Appendix 3.