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Prevention and protection measures against COVID-19

Dear customers!

We ask you to travel responsibly and follow simple, but very important rules to keep you and your relatives healthy.

At the airport:

We ask you to be maximum careful and not to neglect the security measures introduced to resist COVID-19. At all airports visitors have to wear protective masks and gloves and maintain social distancing. Airport staff may selectively measure temperature. If your temperature is high, you need to go to the medical center.

In the aircraft cabin:

  • The cleanliness of the air in the cabin of Pobeda aircraft is identical to the sterility in operating theaters of medical hospitals. Pobeda aircraft are equipped with modern HEPA air filters (HEPA filter - High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter), which clean the air in the cabin from the smallest particles of any virus with 99.9% efficiency. Every 3 minutes we totally refresh all air in the cabin.
  • Also we perform additional measures to disinfect all surfaces in the cabin.
  • The crew is regularly reviewed with medical tests.
  • We remind you the rule of mandatory wearing of masks and gloves on any public transport, including the airplane. Personal protective equipment must be worn throughout the flight.
  • You can use hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap in the lavatory.

We recommend you to check in advance the rules and restrictions that are applied in the certain region. The exact information should be provided by the accommodation facility or the territorial authorities of Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights).

Please be patient, follow simple hygiene rules, and responsibly follow the introduced measures to resist COVID-19 - and together we will defeat any viruses.

For Russian citizens arriving from abroad:

Upon arrival in Russia, you must be tested for COVID-19 using the polymerase chain reaction method within 72 hours after entry. And also fill up the form at the Gosuslugi portal

If the test result for COVID-19 turns out to be positive, an order will be issued to stay in an isolated room and restrict any external contact until complete recovery.

For foreign citizens arriving from abroad:

At the request of Rospotrebnadzor, a foreign citizen and stateless person of the Russian Federation is required to have a COVID-19 test taken by PCR at least 72 hours before arriving in the Russian Federation when boarding an aircraft. The certificate confirming a negative test for COVID-19 must be presented in Russian or English language, or contain a translation into Russian certified by the Russian consulate.