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Priority Boarding

By purchasing the “Priority Boarding” service, you:

  • will be the first to pass for boarding without a queue
  • will be in a separate fenced area in the front of the cabin of the bus that delivers customers to the aircraft
  • will be the first to get off the bus and board the plane

The availability of the “Priority Boarding” service will be indicated on your boarding pass:

  • the inscription “PRIO” on the boarding pass during check-in at the airport and online check-in

Moscow (Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo)

from 199 RUB
For each client on the pobeda.aero website or in the mobile application, in the user account or “Booking Management”, as well as through the Call Center

from 350 RUB
For each customer at the airport when departing from the airports of the Russian Federation and 5 EUR when departing from the airports of foreign countries

ATTENTION! The “Priority Boarding” service is added to all customers in the booking.

To use the service, you must go to boarding out of turn and present your boarding pass. The agent at the gate counter invites customers who have chosen the “Priority Boarding” service to be the first to exit.