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Rules for the Provision of the Extra Seat Service on Pobeda Airlines LLC flights

  1. The total number of seats available for purchasing the Extra Seat service is limited on each flight. Each client can purchase only one extra seat on an airline flight.

  2. The cost of the Extra Seat service is set at the level of the fare available at the moment of purchasing the service as per approved fares of the airline.

  3. You can only purchase the service on the website when booking the flight.

  4. You can add the service to the already booked flight only by contacting the call center.

  5. When purchasing the service, the client is required to specify the purpose of purchasing and review the service provision rules and applicable restrictions. The client may use the service for one of the following purposes:

    1. A seat for the cabin baggage- allows carrying in the passenger cabin a musical instrument, an object of art, photo-and video equipment with a weight not exceeding 32 kg and total dimensions not exceeding 38х40х110 cm in length, width and height, provided that the baggage packing has attachments for securing it to the passenger seat.. In case it is impossible to use the attachments, its dimensions should not exceed 30х40х110 cm, allowing the packing to be secured by the standard safety belt. The baggage is to be taken on board the aircraft and from the board personally by the client. This option does not allow carrying additional hand baggage in the cabin.

    2. A seat for a baby is purchased to obtain a separate seat for a baby up to 2 years old in the passenger cabin and allows you to carry additional hand luggage in the cabin. During take-off and landing and when the “Fasten seat belts” warning is on, the client accompanying the baby up to 2 years old is required to hold the baby on hands.

    3. A personal comfort seat is purchased for client’s personal comfort. This option does not allow carrying additional hand baggage in the cabin.

  6. A voluntary change of the departure date and refunds are made in accordance with rules for the application of fares for the booked flight.

  7. This service is non-transferable and must be used in a particular flight. No other person except for the client in whose name the option was registered at the moment of purchase may use the service.

  8. Clients purchasing the Extra Seat option cannot check-in for the flight online.

  9. When purchasing this service, the client should select seats in the passenger cabin. The booked seat and extra seat should be located together, in one row and in one seat block of the aircraft.

  10. When purchasing the ticket as per the “Basic” package offer, the Seat Selection and Extra Seat services are paid for separately, as per the air company fares. When purchasing air carriage as per the “Advantageous” and “Maximum” package offers, the Seat Selection service is offered without extra payment.

  11. No other extra service including Hand Carried Baggage and Extra Baggage is applied to the Extra Seat option when purchasing the “Advantageous” and “Maximum” package offers.

  12. Pobeda Airlines LLC reserves the righ to restrict the use of this option at any moment due to operational reasons