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Unaccompanied child

The service is mandatory for children aged 5 to 12. Accompaniment can be provided to children under the age of 16 at the request of parents, adoptive parents, guardians and custodians. For a greater comfort of the unaccompanied children special conditions are offered:

  • An airline employee or a service agent assists a child in the luggage delivery on board the aircraft;

  • Unaccompanied child is invited to the boarding first, before boarding other passengers;

  • After the flight departure the agent promptly informs the parents about the child’s boarding;

  • After the aircraft lands, an agent comes on board for meeting an unaccompanied child and helps him during going through post-flight formalities at the airport, including baggage delivery to the transfer to the meeting person;

  • During the flight, the crew pays special attention to the unaccompanied child. A flight attendant, specially assigned to the child, helps the young passenger throughout the flight;

  • If the child is travelling by transit, an agent in the transit area will ensure the provision of pre-ordered and paid for food (if expectancy period for the next flight is more than three hours).

Filing for the service takes place at the airport ticket office or at call-centre of the Pobeda Airlines. The new service is paid according to a fixed rate - 4,500 roubles per segment.

During the check-in parents (or other legal representatives) are to fill in and sign the Application for the transportation of an unaccompanied child and Application for an unaccompanied child.

In addition, the following documents are required:

  • a certifying the identity of the applicant (for example, passport of one of the parents);

  • a certifying the child and the applicant’s relationship (birth certificate, adoption certificate, proof of guardianship or custody);

  • Child’s foreign passport with a visa (in case of international transportation);

  • notarized authorization for minor to travel from one of the parents, guardians, adoptive parents or custodians, indicating the duration of the leaving and the country (or countries) that the child is going to visit (in case of international transportation).

Attention! People seeing off shall remain at the airport before departure.