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Business lounge

Rules for visiting business lounges:

  • arrive no earlier than 2 hours before departure
  • a boarding pass for visiting the business lounge
  • visit time is not longer than 3 hours
  • it is recommended to leave at least 30 minutes before departure

VIP Lounge
Located in the common area in the center of Terminal A on the third floor (Before the pre-flight inspection).

Prokofiev Lounge
Located in the domestic departures area of Terminal A (After preflight inspection).

ART Lounge
Located in the international departures area of Terminal A (After preflight inspection).

At guests’ disposal:

  • comfortable and spacious lounge area
  • buffet with a wide variety of hot and cold dishes
  • assorted alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • TV, Wi-Fi, newspapers
  • massage chairs
  • children's room

Cost: 1600 ₽

A modern VIP-room equipped with all the necessary amenities is at your disposal.

At guests’ disposal:

  • free Wi-Fi
  • display board
  • Cable and satellite TV, cold and hot drinks, snacks
  • latest newspapers (in Italian and English)
  • completing the preflight inspection via a designated corridor directly from the VIP lounge

Cost: 2500 ₽
Opening hours: 4:30-20:00 local time

At guests’ disposal:

  • comfortable lounge
  • buffet (snacks and hot dishes, soft and hot drinks)
  • Internet area
  • latest newspapers
  • children's play area
  • Sony PlayStation

Cost: 4000 ₽

The business lounge is located in Terminal 1.

At guests’ disposal:

  • buffet
  • display board
  • latest newspapers
  • Wi-Fi, TV

Cost: 4000 ₽

The business lounge is located on the second floor of sector B.

At guests’ disposal:

  • buffet by Grand Hotel & Spa Rodina
  • Wi-Fi, digital TV
  • latest newspaper in Russian and English
  • display board
  • shower room (personal hygiene kit is provided)

Cost: 4500 ₽