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Manual for refund in the user account

Dear customers!

Please read this manual to start use your account balance and pay for the services of Pobeda Airlines quickly and efficiently.

1. How to open your account

1.1. Open the main page of pobeda.aero (pobeda.aero, not booking.pobeda.aero).

1.2. Click on the persons icon in the upper right corner and enter login (your email address) and password to access your account as shown in Picture 1. Enter your account page.

Picture 1 – the way to access your account from at the main page of pobeda.aero.

1.3. If you made a booking without logging to your account, you will receive an additional manual by mail with the login information.


2. How to check available funds

2.1. The current balance is displayed in the account, as shown in Picture 2.


Picture 2 – the main page of your account, an updated interface with details about available funds.

2.2. Available funds are displayed in the "Amount" column. The amount of available funds is equivalent to the overall price of the canceled flights between 01.04.2020 and 31.05.2020 you paid for, minus the services already provided (if applicable).

2.3. Each row of the table displays the total amount of bookings in a certain currency.
I.e.: if you paid for 3 bookings in rubles (5 000 rub., 10 000 rub. and 13 000 rub), then the string Rubles will get the value: 5 000 + 10 000 + 13 000 = 28 000 rub.

If you paid for several bookings in different currencies, then you will see several currencies in the list. Each of them is a separate deposit account. You can pay for your booking only in the currency indicated in your account. To pay for a new booking, use funds in the appropriate currency. Different currencies cannot be summarized and cannot be converted against each other.
I.e.: if as in Pic. 2 you had two bookings – one in rubles (5,200 rubles) and another in euros (104.40€), so you can use them to pay for two different new bookings – with rubles (to reduce the price by 5,200 rubles) and in euros (to reduce the price by 104.40€).


3. How to use funds in your account

3.1. To use the funds, log in to your account at www.pobeda.aero, then search for the flight and create a booking via Find Flights section (as shown in Pic. 2).

3.2.Book your flight as usual – choosing dates and ancillaries.

3.3. At the payment page you will see the updated interface of the section (Pic. 3).


Picture 3 – updated payment page with a new payment option – Use funds from account

3.4. Please check the box next to Use funds from account message to release your funds for a new booking.

3.5 If the site asks you to make sure that you are not a robot, also check the box next to the message "I am not a robot."

3.6. Click the Confirm button, and go to the payment gateway to complete the booking process..

4. The available period to use the funds in your account

4.1. The commitment period of Pobeda Airlines LLC to offset the funds in the clients account to allow payment for any flight of the Pobeda Airlines LLC route network (or parts thereof): until 01.06.2021.

4.2. After the end of the stated period, unused funds will return to the client's bankcard completely (without any fees).