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Fare Bundles

Fare bundle "Maximum" includes:

  • Flight

  • Hand baggage with total dimensions not more than 36х30х27 cm (total size of all items)

  • One piece of checked-in baggage up to 20 kg with the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 203 centimetres

  • Any seat available in the aircraft cabin at the time of purchase, except seats 1A/B/C and 2D/E/F. You need to choose a seat on the website pobeda.aero no later than 4 hours before departure.

  • Change of the date or time of departure*

  • Ticket refund*

    *You can cancel your flight at any time after booking, but no later than 48 hours before departure. Cancellation fee is charged in the amount of 999 rubles per segment for 1 client. You have to refund a ticket at the place of purchase. 

Fare bundle "Advantageous" includes

  • Flight

  • Hand baggage up to 36 x 30 x 27 centimetres (the total dimensions of all items)

  • 1 piece of baggage up to 10 kg, not exceeding 203 centimetres in the baggage compartment of the aircraft

  • Any available seat in the aircraft, except for seats XL, XXL and 2-14 rows

Fare bundle "Advantageous" includes:

  • Flight;

  • Hand baggage up to 36 x 30 x 27 centimetres (the total dimensions of all items);

The choice of a seat in the cabin have to be paid additionally for the “Refundable” and “Basic” fare bundles. If the service has not been paid for, the booking system will assign a seat automatically.